New concept

The secret to learning a language easily
is the joy of using it in a playful way!

Summer Camp in the
Franconian Lake District

Summer Camps with The Learning Center are the perfect combination of relaxation,
fun and language learning!

The ability to communicate in different languages is a priceless gift and enables young people to make friends with other students from all across the globe. Why not also developing language skills during the holidays? We focus on fun and interactive education and encourage all students to actively use the language in order to improve their German skills, not only through our interesting lessons but also by interacting with other campers and staff during their free time! With so many German students at camp, the opportunities to practice the language are endless.


On our trip in the summer holidays, sailing, stand up paddling and adventure are all the rage again. Of course, language learning is not neglected: our sailing instructor Marco and German coach Chris as well as native-speaking supervisors make the kids and teens fit in English & Co. and provide a pure holiday feeling. Our language camp is also in the current Corona situation The focus is on the health of your child, we pursue a precise hygiene concept for safety, play, and fun while learning. If a language camp is not feasible for a given occasion, we also offer exciting online language courses for children and young people in individual or group lessons.

Learning Success

For children 7 to 17 years.

Summer Camp 2021

When does it take place? From 8.8. until August 14, 2021.

Where does it take place? In the Franconian Lake District at Altmühlsee - own arrival.

Who is the organizer? The Learning Center, Neufahrn

Why should I be there? To enjoy an eventful, educational and adventurous summer.

What previous language skills do I need? None at all to very good ones! The participants are divided into appropriate groups on-site or language beginners are carefully and playfully introduced to the language.

Registration Deadline

Accomodation & Food

New Conzept 2021

"Since 2008 we have been travelling together with students on sailing and English adventure trips", after a break of a few years we are now starting again with a brand new concept!

The focus is of course on the language! This year we are mixing "English and German students" so that both languages are spoken in our free time! "We're really looking forward to seeing you!"

Chris YLM & Team - The Learning Studio
Zugspitzweg 12 in 85375 Neufahrn

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Time Table

What do the study groups look like in the summer camp?

Every student has a different level of knowledge when they come to the summer camp. That is why I classify the students in study groups according to their language skills and their age. Each learning group has 4 to a maximum of 8 participants, all of whom are at the same language level. Due to the small size of the group, the proportion of speaking for each child is very high and the native speaker supervisors can support and challenge each child individually.

For children with no prior knowledge

We carefully introduce the children and young people to the foreign language. Students do not learn vocabulary from the book, but rather by actively using the language.

For students aged 8 to 12

The children learn the language by analyzing current songs and their texts, for example. Project work on the subject of nutrition or etiquette teaches language skills based on real-life situations. With this, the students can easily expand their vocabulary and learn to spontaneously form sentences correctly.

For young people aged 13 and over

In role-play, the students deal with natural disasters or the dangers and opportunities of using the Internet, for example. They discuss cyberbullying and, as part of project work, work out how they would shape the world better if they could.

During the Summer Camp week you will learn:

  • Depending on the grade level or level of knowledge: grammar, sentence structure, communication, the foreign language is spoken all day.
  • Courtesy and etiquette: This is practiced in role-playing games, for example.
  • Solution-oriented thinking: There are complex tasks waiting for the children that encourage creativity.
  • Taking initiative and taking responsibility: this is best learned by the students in teamwork, for example when crossing a course or as a sailing captain.
  • Creative thinking: For example, the children practice quick thinking in quizzes.
  • Team building: In challenging tasks, the students learn to work in a team.

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Language holidays with learning success

Through holistic communication in foreign languages.

In the summer camp, the children and young people speak a foreign language, such as English or German, with their native-speaking supervisors all day. That means: after the end of the camp, the students experience many small and large learning successes in language lessons at school.

Success stories in the summer camp:

Fun with the language
The higher motivation for learning in school
More commitment to homework
Confidence in speaking a foreign language
Techniques to learn the language independently
Speak more fluently and spontaneously
Extended active vocabulary
Improved pronunciation


Summer Camp Registration

Included services:
Overnight stay in shared rooms including bed linen
Full board (3 meals a day / special diets by appointment)
all leisure activities/use of the sports facilities
Leisure and course material
German courses (20 hours of 45 minutes per week)
Full fee refund if there`ll be a lockdown again!
24h care / very high care ratio of 1: 8
Best support quality through the qualified selection and special training of the supervisors
24/7 hotline service for parents (during the camp we are always available for parents in an emergency.)
Membership in associations for children and youth travel in Germany and worldwide for continuous improvement and for external quality review.
The consumption of drugs of any kind is prohibited in all camps. Violence against or discrimination against other camp participants is not tolerated in our camps.

Late booking - deadline in May 2021

German lessons every day
5 days sailing course or stand up paddling
Accommodation with full board
Online meeting to prepare for the camp

€ 799,-

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Instant booking!

German lessons every day
5 days sailing course or stand up paddling
Accommodation with full board
Online meeting to prepare for the camp

€ 699,-

Jetzt buchen

Accommodation & Food

  • The students spend their holidays in the youth hostel Gunzenhausen directly on the Altmühlsee in the Franconian Lake District. Daily water fun is guaranteed.
  • The youth hostel is located on the edge of the old town on Altmühlsee and is also very easy to reach by public transport.
  • The kids share shared rooms with their friends. Showers and toilets in separate rooms on the same floor.

  • Breakfast: in addition to a standard breakfast, the kids are spoiled with various egg dishes, pancakes, and other delicacies.
  • Warm lunch, except for the afternoon activities, a lunch package is prepared from the breakfast buffet and taken away.
  • Warm dinner: rich buffet with hot and cold dishes.
  • Water during the day


08.00 Uhr - breakfast
09.00 Uhr - 
sailing course, watersports
10.30 Uhr - break
11.00 Uhr - German Course (2 x 45 minutes)
12.30 Uhr - lunchbreak
14.00 Uhr - German Course (2 x 45 minutes)
16.00 Uhr - break
18.00 Uhr - dinner
20.00 Uhr - evening program
22.00 Uhr - night rest


Meet Chris

Hi, my name is Christine-Virginia but please call me Chris. I teach English since 2001 and started teaching German in 2007.
We already have had summer camps at the Chiemsee, Walchensee, St. Wolfgangsee, Brombachsee, and Altmühlsee a few years ago.
Until now I am still in contact with some of the youngsters of that time (now adults) because it was a very intense and interesting experience for the students and also for me.
After a break of several years, we're ready again! If you or your parents have any questions, please click here:

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Frequently asked questions about learning success in the summer camp

In order for your child's school grade to improve over the long term, they must be willing to show more commitment in school lessons and with homework. That is why the primary goal of the summer camp is to arouse enthusiasm for the foreign language in the students. In this way they learn to use the language actively, to overcome inhibitions in speaking, and to find ways to develop their language skills independently.

Will my child be prepared for the next school exam? The lessons in the Summer Camp are based on current topics and content that are relevant for the students. That means: monotonous grammar lessons and learning vocabulary are not on the curriculum. But if your child has a specific problem, such as using the respective tenses, I will of course be happy to help and integrate the learning goal into the topic-oriented lesson.

Are the lessons adapted to the school curriculum, e.g. in tutoring institutes? Classes at Chris YLM are structured differently than traditional tutoring. In most tutoring institutes there is often only a kind of “homework supervision”. As a result, the children perceive their tutoring as an extension of school. This often has a counter-productive effect on the fun of the foreign language and the motivation to acquire the language. In our Summer Camp, we deal more with topics that children are really interested in, experience their free time with native-speaking guides, and find a new approach to the foreign language in a playful way.