Online German courses for children & teenager

Age-group 4 up to 18 years.

Once or twice weekly online lessons.

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Felix and Franzi
Age 4 to 6 years

Two engaging hand puppets, a frog called Felix Frosch and a duck called Franzi Ente, take center stage. They live in a special German letterbox. Having recently moved to the UK from Germany, the two characters experience many adventures which form the theme for each chapter.

Each chapter introduces new vocabulary and grammar lessons and is accompanied by a wide range of activities and extra material such as songs, videos, and whiteboard applications.
Twice weekly Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with Sandra.

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Karla and Kai
7 to 9 years

`Deutsch mit Karla and Kai’ (K&K) is a scheme of work that follows on from the ‘Deutsch mit Felix and Franzi’ programme. It is intended for children who have finished two years of German at the primary level, having had around 40 minutes of German per week.
Teachers would ideally start working with the lesson plans for K and K Volume 1 then followed by working with the lesson plans for K and K Volume 2.
The two volumes for ‘Deutsch mit Karla and Kai’ consist of six chapters each, which open with a video clip. The films introduce the new learning and teaching content in a playful way. The learners will already have a basic knowledge of German. They will therefore be able to access completely new structures and vocabulary in the context of the stories.
Once or twice weekly lessons Tuesday and/or Thursday.

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German for adolescent
11 up to 16 years

Tuition at The Learning Studio does not just mean learning a language, but also getting to know a culture. We use an online meeting and a placement test to find out what previous knowledge you have. We help you to choose a suitable course. Find out more about German tuition at the Learning Studio.

reflects the most recent knowledge in teaching and learning research.
is varied and communicative. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are practiced in situations based on real-life, using authentic texts.
is oriented to the topical and inter-cultural subject matter. Themes based on regional culture, (online) projects, and research tasks provide a variety of opportunities to approach the subject of German-speaking culture.
The teaching language is German right from the first lesson.
Our Learning platform provides innovative and flexible learning opportunities.

is based on the six levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This means that the language skills you acquire in our courses can be measured objectively and are internationally comparable.
It is standardized and transparent everywhere in the world. Once you have completed a course you can continue to learn flexibly – in your own location, in Germany, or online.

Experience Germany’s full variety. If you register for a German course at the Learning Studio, you will have access to our media resources, as well as learning apps.
Once weekly Tuesday evenings.

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Mein Name ist Sandra.
Ich studiere Grundschullehramt an der Universität in München mit dem Hauptfach Didaktik des Deutschen als Zweitsprache.

Seit der 7. Klasse träume ich davon, Grundschullehrerin zu werden.

Ich bin total froh, dass ich seit 2019 im Learning Center mit Chris arbeite. Es ist eine Ehre hier arbeiten zu dürfen. Bei Chris kann ich wertvolle Erfahrungen für meinen Weg als Grundschullehrerin sammeln und gleichzeitig singen, tanzen und Spaß mit den Kindern haben.

In meiner Freizeit verbringe ich gerne Zeit mit meiner Familie, fahre im Winter unglaublich gerne Ski und ich schätze gutes Essen.

Meet Chris YLM

My name is Christine-Virginia Franken but please call me Chris.
I`ve been teaching German for more than 19 years. I really love teaching and seeing how my students progress over time.
My mother is German and my father is American so I grew up bilingual.
After we moved to Germany I experienced how strenuous it can be using the correct grammar in German.

My students love me because I provide a convenient and authentic experience that leads to fluency.


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